The kindness of Strangers

A routine visitor of A gown A Day, who wishes to stay anonymous, sent me half-a-dozen vintage patterns she discovered when she was clearing out her garage. This is yet much more evidence for pronoia, the concept that the world is continuously as well as secretly rearranging itself to make you (well, in this case, ME) happy.

Because wouldn’t this gown make you happy? as well as all those around you? I particularly like the binding/ribbons on the neckline of the polka-dot version. In fact, from personal experience I can state that using extreme polka dots can bring lots of joy. (I have one short full skirt, white with multicolor polka dots five inches in diameter, that never fails to 1) make folks smile as well as 2) make me look like an honors graduate of Ringling Clown College.)

If what you’re using today isn’t making you happy, why the hell not? Life’s as well short for tiring miserable stopgap clothing. Don’t wait up until you lose weight, or up until you get married, or up until you get that next job. Do it now. get hold of every chance for delight that life affords you. A gown such as this would be a great location to start.

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