The Hundred Dresses: Day 45

The Hundred Dresses: Day 45

So this is the exact same gown as yesterday (SimplicityVogue 5121), however was made earlier … this was the trial run:

Does any individual have a preferred source for inexpensive, brightly-colored buttons? My regional material stores tend toward the bejeweled as well as the overly-representative (cats, soccer balls, etc.) I was intending to discover turquoise buttons however I like the yellow a lot more now that I see it in the photo:

The zipper. Semi-related question, if any individual knows: when you’re altering a bodice to enable for a lot more … padding … in the waistish region, sometimes I feel like the sides of the bodice slope down a bit a lot more than they ought. any individual have a link to a great tutorial? My cursory investigations have only gotten me so far.

This collar was made before I checked out Kathleen’s instructions. See the difference? See that roll in the wrong direction? It’s terrible. (Luckily it’s at the back of my neck so I don’t see it extremely often.) I would take it off as well as redesign it … however … (looks off into the middle distance, whistles).

Sleeve completed with bias tape, according to usual:

The back view:

This is my absolute preferred type of material for a trial run. First, it was cheap. (I believe perhaps under $3/yard? may have been a dollar-a-yard wonder, even.) It’s likewise a great mid-weight poplin, so I don’t have to concern about material being as well lightweight as well as floaty or as well rigid as well as unyielding. as well as a lot of importantly, it is SO hectic that I might have produced & mended a gigantic triangular tear in the front of the bodice as well as you wouldn’t even notice from additionally than a foot away. inexpensive as well as hectic are most likely the most crucial requirements for “wearable muslin” very first drafts with new patterns, in my opinion. I mean, there’s a center-back seam in that photo ideal above, as well as not only did I not try to match the pattern, I’m not sure if it would have made any type of difference if I had …


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