the more things change, the more things I have to sew

The picture above is a link Summerset sent me, from SoVintage Patterns. below is another link she sent me — this is a current vogue pattern, 8182.

Isn’t it interesting how the illustration style makes the patterns seem so different, when really they’re nearly identical? look at what’s conveyed through the posture of the women in the illustrations; the 1960s illustration is swaybacked, with hips thrust forward, while the more modern woman is standing completely straight (so much for your mother’s injunction to stand up straight, you’ll look better …). The bust point on the 1960s illustration is also a bit higher, and the surplice cross point is, too.

It’d be really interesting to buy ’em both and see how different they are … too bad you can’t get a grant from the national Institute of fashion to do diachronic pattern comparisons …

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