What I want to Be When I grow Up

This lady:

Thanks to style Spy for tipping me off to the wonderful blog advanced Style. SO worth contributing to your blogroll. (The somewhat patronizing “oh aren’t they cute” tone is more than matched by the patient enjoyment of the oldies being photographed. They *know* they’re hot stuff — they’ve had years of experience *being* hot stuff!)

Am I the only person who believes incessantly about exactly how I’m going to gown when I’m 80? (When I am an old lady, I most likely won’t wear purple, though. fair warning.) Watch, I’ll get hit by a bus tomorrow, as well as then all the pages I’ve ripped out of “comfort shoe” catalogs as well as saved “for future reference” will be for naught.

In a similar vein, I’ve likewise been a customer to this for years. extremely recommended.

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