Black Panther Illustrations by Hydro74

Black Panther illustrations by Hydro74 in collaboration with Clark’s Originals
If were wondering what Hydro74 has been up lately, this the post for you. Also, if you are an avid fan of marvel movies, again, you’re in the right place. piecing the two together wouldn’t be enough, so throw in some amazing Clark’s Originals merchandise and you get one rad collaboration.
To celebrate the launch of the groundbreaking movie, Clark’s has teamed up with the creative studio to bring a limited edition collection of shoes, inspired by the king of Wakanda. That’s where Joshua M. Smith comes into play, with his distinguishable illustration style. These Black Panther illustrations are all black and gold, with an art-deco vibe. Of course, his slick lines and perfect geometry help build up the hype for a very anticipated comic book movie.

In other Hydro74 news, his recent collaborations with big names include ESPN, Gunnar and star Wars. As usual, Mr. Smith does not disappoint one bit with his artwork.

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