Yet a lot more material Week

one of the fantastic side benefits of declaring a material Week right here at A gown A Day is that I had an reason — nay, a mandate! — to trawl with as well as this is what I found. Lotus blossoms! (Or, if you’re feeling particularly Tennysonian, Lotos-Blossoms!) This combination of eco-friendly as well as teal as well as rust evokes a feeling of deep fondness in me; I have a sneaking suspicion that maybe there was a wallpaper with this style in one of the lots or so homes I resided in as a kid … I don’t care, wallpaper or no, it would still make a kickass shirtdress — with rust-colored piping, yes?

My quick dip into eQuilter (man! you might spend ALL night click-click-clicking around over there!) likewise brought me this:

About which I am likewise believing “shirtdress!” I like the soft stripes; so extremely autumn as well as jewel-tony. the very best part of making this material into a shirtdress would be the enjoyment of coordinating the cardigan as well as tights; someday the chocolate brown cardigan with eco-friendly or blue tights, the next time the pale blue cardigan with the brown or the orange tights … I don’t believe I’d ever get worn out of spinning the color wheel for a gown in this fabric.

I have bought lots of lawns from eQuilter throughout the years … never a problem.

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