Oh hello look a new pattern!

I made a dress that *wasn’t* the simplicity 2389/Heidi mashup, finally:

The bodice is the same one as here (Anne Adams 4687) and the skirt is (I think) from an old McCall’s pattern that I traced off ages ago to make the pockets bigger, then lost in a clutter of random pieces and finally unearthed two months ago.

The fabric is from Britex, and I sewed it up in about a week, which is unexpected because typically when I purchase fabric at Britex it’s so eye-wateringly expensive that it takes me ages to get the nerve to cut into it and sew it up. but this was a very inexpensive (and fuzzy!) marled cotton flannel … it’s extremely cozy. (They don’t have it on the site that I could find, or I’d link to it.) It’s also pretty stretchy.

I lined the pockets with some liberty print and also backed the lining with organza to try to take some of the weight (it’s heavy fabric), which wasn’t entirely successful but oh well  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :

The neck is finished with self-binding—because the fabric is so stretchy I had to go and look up how to do stretch neck binding again … it’s also slightly lumpy where the ends meet:

Of *course* I piped those pockets:

And here’s the side zipper … I found out that they make heavyweight unnoticeable zippers, did you know that? They’re in some cases called #4 unnoticeable zippers. (That’s what I went to Britex to purchase in the first place, I think.)

This dress is so extremely comfortable … it’s very warm, for cotton, and when I wore it in rainy Vancouver it shed water like a duck (if ducks were made of gray flannel). The piping at the sleeve edges and the neck make it a little lumpy to wear under a cardigan, but it’s not “shouldn’t you get those growths on your biceps looked at” lumpy. I wear it with knee socks and roper boots (but then I wear everything with knee socks and roper boots these days, so …)

I’ve also made this in a heavy black cotton faille, which, if I ever need to play an ominous widow in an amateur theatrical production of … just about anything that includes an ominous widow, will be just the ticket. I’ll try to post about that one soon.

(Also, I updated the last post to congratulate the winner of the Gertie giveaway!)

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