I only desired 2 see u chuckling in the purple rain

Jennifer (of the outstanding Naughty secretary Club) sent me the link to this dress, which is by her sibling hope (of hot Pink Pistol).

It’s hand-painted, obviously, although I would like, for a moment, to entertain the concept of a world where the picture of Purple Rain-era prince is omnipresent as well as heavily marketed, kind of like all those Che Guevara t-shirts.

It’s such a short leap, isn’t it, from discovering a purple satin gown to believing “I ought to paint prince on this dress! That would be awesome!”

And lo, it is awesome.

If I had this dress, I wouldn’t wear it … I’d put it on a mannequin as well as keep in my living space (or, if my other half objected, the bedroom, or, if he truly objected, my office) because, as a work of art, it would make me pleased every day.

Even much better would be to have one of those recordable greeting-card noise chips stuck inside it, hooked to a movement sensor, as well as then, if people got as well close to it, BOOM! Purple rain would play. (The truly climax-y “I only wanna see you” part, naturally.)

I believe paintings on gowns are the new dogs playing poker. Ever-so-slightly cheesy, however joyful in a method that you can’t truly explain.

Whether you’d screen this, wear this or just admire from a (very long) distance (I admit no other options), be sure to inspect out the link to Hope’s other stuff — the David-Bowie-in-Labryinth-dress is similarly fantastic, if somewhat scarier. (Bowie was frightening in that movie, was he not? Sure, half of it was the understood fear-inducing high quality of spandex, however still …)

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