Book Review: Sunday Sews by Theresa Gonzalez

Book Review: Sunday Sews by Theresa Gonzalez

The charming people at Chronicle books sent me a copy of Sunday Sews, by Theresa Gonzalez recently, and it’s a stunning book. I would love to live in the perpetual Sunday of this book, where everything is suffused in a kind of mid-morning sunlight and you still have hours and hours left to get through all your weekend errands and projects before game of Thrones comes on. In this particular world of Sundays, you spent all day Saturday clearing the decks for a Sunday of sewing by cleaning and flower arranging and bathing charming impish small children (with maybe some baking thrown in) and exiling the menfolk to a corral somewhere on the rear of the property. (Don’t worry, they’re delighted there. poor dears, they don’t really appreciate sewing Sundays, and you can’t really depend on them around sharp objects.)

The projects in Sunday Sews are nicely thought out: they’re very simple, of course, but there’s enough leeway for creativity (I hate simple-projects books that are nothing a lot more than ‘hey, make this pillowcase and then glue some rick-rack on it!’) In particular, there’s a boxy tee that has separate sleeve and hem bands that would be best for bias treatment or contrasting fabric:

There are also four different dresses, of which my favorite was the weekend wrap dress (despite its lack of pockets—two of the other dress projects include pockets, though, very respectable).

Unfortunately, though, the sizing in this book runs small—the “Large” is about a us size 12-14. There’s also not a lot of shaping in general; the garments are fairly boxy. Not a problem for the willowy models in the book, but …  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So if you’re on the slimmer, taller side of the spectrum and are trying to find some thoughtful, basic projects with a fair amount of scope for creativity, this would be a great book for you. (It’s certainly very pleasant to look at!)

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