This Week’s Pattern story

This Week’s Pattern story

Blue: My doctor gave me this brochure, girls, and guess what?

Plaid: What? What? You’re killing me here.

Blue: It tells you how people get BABIES!

Red: No! Really? really and truly?

Blue: You are SO not going to believe this.

Plaid: look at me, I’d believe anything at this point. I’m beginning to give some credence to that “swallowed a watermelon seed” theory.

Blue: (whispers)

Red: You mean, that’s it? No storks? No cabbages? I feel … disillusioned.

Plaid: Huh. Well, I’ll be damned.

Blue: That’s what the preacher said. but wait until I show him THIS! It’s all just science!

Red: I wonder if Jimmy knows? Won’t he be amazed when I tell him!

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