Busy, Busy, hectic

Busy, Busy, hectic

I’m really, truly hectic this week so I believed I’d look for a pattern photo that likewise had a great deal going on. however the a lot more I look at this one, the a lot more I can’t figure out what the heck is going on right here (and the a lot more I such as this dress).

First off, it’s unusual for there to be a random person in a pattern picture. (For all that people believe the clothes of the 1950s were all about dressing for me, you’d believe that there’d be a lot more blatantly goggling guy in the pattern pictures.) as well as what is this random person doing? Is he painting or drawing the model? If so, why does the design in the photo have a totally different hairstyle as well as different sleeves? Is it truly a picture, or a door opening from one more dimension, from whence poor Fuchsia gown woman has come to wreak havoc? Or is she saving her past self from the predations of random person (who likewise has a chandelier of some kind growing out of his ears, he must have that taken care of), using a similar gown to reassure herself? [Making note: if ever requirement come from the future to save my past self, wear preferred clothes to job air of trustworthiness.]

And, maybe a lot of puzzlingly: where’s the other legs of the chair? as well as why isn’t it falling over, considering that PastSelf/LongSleeveLady is putting some weight on it?

Only questions, without any answers. Can any individual help?

(If you want the pattern, not answers, click on the picture to see the eBay auction.)

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