Chocolate Browns and fall Layers

Ann Taylor fall new Arrivals

Today, I’ve started the layering process with an essential stretch cami—you really can’t have too numerous of these lying around in fall and winter, as they create a base layer and keep you warm and itch-free. You’ve seen these outstanding synthetic leather leggings here before. and honestly I doubt this is the last time I’ll sing their praises. They’re simutaneously so comfortable and trendy which is a real feat because we typically we have to pick one or the other. 
A chocolate brown cashmere sweetheart cardigan is a no-fail layering piece that you’ll get unlimited wear out of all season. The ultra-soft, comfortable quality of this sweater plus its flattering shape imply that you’ll be wearing it at every opportunity, whether you’re leaving the house or not. 
Topping things off is this brown cheetah print chesterfield coat with tailored details to make you look polished, while still bringing in a bit of fun and interest through a subtle cheetah print. coat boredom is real. So stop it before it starts with a highly wearable but delightfully special coat. 

ANN TAYLORCheetah print double Breasted Coat

ANN TAYLORCashmere sweetheart Cardigan

Complete the Look

Because Colette will disown me if I don’t accessorize, I’ve included a pair of hexagon drop earrings that are ideal for casual wear, to give everything a sense of head-to-toe completeness. Also, this is the year to have a good tote on hand whatsoever times. and I love the interplay of the crocodile exterior and snake interior of this brown crocodile printed bag. It’s sturdy, holds everything, and has a great no-nonsense structure. So you won’t have to deal with any toppled-over bag situations. 
Leave-the-house clothes haven’t been a massive priority this year. So it’s not unexpected that numerous of us find ourselves without quality cold-weather options. Ann Taylor’s new arrivals are the ideal place to sort out your style situation this fall, no matter where you’re going… or not going. 

ANN TAYLORCheetah print double Breasted Coat

ANN TAYLORHexagon drop Earrings 

ANN TAYLORCrocodile print Tote

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