No good Deed Goes Unpunished

I get a lot of email now from people who are new to sewing, and who want (for some reason) my advice. just last week I got a very kind email from Elizabeth, who wanted me to help her choose between two patterns.

Now, usually, my guidance is just to purchase both, to avoid regret, but I went and looked at her pattern choices. Her choice B was unremarkable (and a little challenging for a first project) but her choice A … I fell in love.

If her choice A had been in a romantic comedy, I would have been in the role of matchmaker, and this would have been the ideal man … who then asked to be set up with my best friend. Hijinks would ensue.

But, I hear you asking, how beautiful WAS choice A? Here, you tell me:

Now, giving guidance to newbies is a sacred trust, and even though the dress was up for auction on eBay, I couldn’t go and snipe it! That wouldn’t be sporting! So I appeal to you all — does anybody have a copy of this for sale? B36, by preference?

At least I am consoled by the thought that one new sewist is going to have a very pleased first dress!

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